underrated history of japan quotes



and they conquered the north, finally. get that squared away.

using the ~latest technology~, like Stones. and Bowls

Monkey Fun (??)

and everyone voted so hard the palace caught on fire

so the mongols came over, ready for war, and died in a tornado (actually a typhoon). but they tried again! and had a nice time fighting with the japanese but then died in a tornado (actually a typhoon)

now with Guns ©

so the japanese let the russians build a railroad, supervised by a shitton of soldiers. and when the railroad was finished, they downgraded to a FUCKTON (did i say downgrade i meant upgrade).


i can’t believe the history of japan video became a meme considering it’s 9 minutes long

like most memes are just textual or visual gags or 6-20 second clips, they’re throwaways. you see one, chuckle, move on. 

this fucker’s nine minutes long

thousands upon thousands of people have each taken a minimum of nine minutes out of their lives to sit down and watch just one meme