Hey Do You Know Bill Wurtz?



Yeah, that’s the guy who made History of Japan, that really popular pit of memes. I’m probably not the only person that really wants him to make more shit, but that’s gonna be hard.

If you haven’t heard of this thing yet, it’s called patreon. See how he gets only 72 bucks a month for stuff from 26 people?

These are his views on the History of Japan video. Bill Wurtz deserves to have more support for the stuff that he is doing, and he should be able to make a decent living out of this entertainment. I would appreciate if you either reblogged or donated to his patreon: http://patreon.com/billwurtz

I don’t even know Bill Wurtz personally but he needs more support

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highlights from history of the entire world, i guess


  • nothing was never anywhere
  • 7 second white screen
  • gravity
  • weather update
  • thats land!
  • hot and fresh chemical soup made from gnarly space ingredients
  • the sun is a deadly lazer
  • learn to use stronger eggs
  • its mammal time
  • gneurshk
  • sweet dank valley called mesopotamia
  • society coming to a dank river valley near you
  • egypt, china, and indus river valley civilization,,also norte chico
  • persian empire
  • bhudda: the guy who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact were all dying
  • make religion out of everything
  • oops china just broke
  • no one conquers the tamil kings
  • confucianism – having good morals
  • taoism – go with the flow
  • legalism – fuck you, obey the law
  • the romans, eating the entire mediterranean for breakfast
  • china is whole again,,, then it broke again
  • hell yeah! now we got business
  • is loving jesus legal yet? no
  • the mayans have figured out the stars
  • everyone has a kingdom
  • intermission
  • heres all the wisdom in a house: the baghdad house of wisdom
  • swahili on the swahili coast
  • lets do a crusade
  • hello mississippi. look at those mounds
  • is it tonga time? i think its tonga time
  • “wait!” said christopher columbus, probably smoking crack
  • ivan wants to make russia great again
  • hey christians, do you sin?
  • 95 reasons why “fuck the church”
  • we gotta start pillaging some stuff
  • “damn” said amsterdam
  • “fuck you” says america
  • you could make a reli– no dont
  • thats just where he lives
  • technology is about to go crazy
  • america decides slavery is bad
  • america continues manifesting their destiny (killing natives and taking their land and kicking out the mexicans)
  • *whispers* they never got ethiopia
  • *whispers* they never got thailand
  • lets blame the maine on spain
  • *whispers* it makes cars go
  • europe hasnt had a war since the last war
  • communism in the soviet union
  • turkey makes a brand new turkey
  • pacific showdown: united states v. japan
  • look out china. theres a new china in china. whats on the menu? communism
  • united states decides racism is bad
  • 9/11 never forget
  • whoops the economy just crashed
  • by the way, where the hell are we?
  • thanks for watching history